Ling Chan

Clinical Psychologist

Ling is interested in working with people facing psychological challenges from life events that have impacted on their sense of identity, belonging and capacity to function in meaningful roles. Such challenges may have come in the form of a chronic illness, grief and loss, trauma or a major role change.

Ling has a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Sydney and 25 years experience working in public mental health services, private psychiatric hospital setting and in private practice.

Before starting her private practice in 2010, Ling enjoyed a wide range of clinical experiences in the role of clinical psychologist with various multi-disciplinary community mental health teams across Greater Sydney, mostly in the area of rehabilitation and early psychosis intervention. More recently, on the Central Coast, she has worked as a group facilitator at Berkeley Vale Clinic’s mood and anxiety disorders programs. In her current private practice, she sees adult clients from 18 years up, presenting with problems related to depression, anxiety, stress, and adjustments to major life changes, trauma and loss.

Ling has been trained to use evidence-based treatments, such as CBT, DBT and EMDR. These are methods that have been, and continue to be, scientifically developed and tested for safety and effectiveness. The training continues as she follows and seeks new knowledge and skills emerging from the science of psychology and psychological therapies.

Ling appreciates that each individual presents in a unique way, and the challenge is to arrive at a therapy approach that offers the swiftest and most effective path toward relief. Her cherished hope is that some day soon seeking psychological therapy will carry no more stigma or shame than seeking physiotherapy for a physical injury.

Contact Ling at The Psychological Health Centre.