About Us

The Psychological Health Centre was established in 2017. It is co-directed by Jo Gorrell and Michelle Meyer who have both been practicing on the Northern Beaches for over 20 years. We value supporting clinicians to provide high quality mental health care to the Northern Beaches community.

Our friendly admin team are happy to take your calls and answer any enquiries. If you are interested in booking an appointment, you can speak with a member of our intake team who will guide you in identifying and booking with the most effective clinician.

The clinicians who practice at the Psychological Health Centre are highly qualified and experienced health professionals.

To learn more about the clinicians and the sorts of issues they can help with click here.

In 2024 we are excited to launch the DBT Solutions program on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. This program is a culmination of the DBT training and experience providing DBT in a private practice setting since 2016.

To learn more about our DBT Solutions program click here.

We understand the importance of connection in treatment between client and clinician. We value our relationships with the local community and health services. Through our intake process we strive to connect each new client with the clinician who can best meet their needs.

We view collaboration as essential to effective treatment. This includes collaboration between client, clinician, admin team and other key people and service providers. We actively encourage collaborative working relationships in all aspects of the practice.

We believe in the human potential to achieve goals. We apply this in all aspects of the practice. At the Psychological Health Centre we appreciate the opportunity we have to support individuals in their personal growth.